Thursday, 3 June 2010

You are dead

You can see only darkness. You can only hear silence. You can only touch yourself. You can only smell and taste emptiness. But you can think.
"Where am I? Floating in infinity or trapped in coffin?
Which way is North? South?? East? West?
Am I standing straight or hanging upside down? Where are others?
Enough! I dont care. But wait... Do others know where I am? WHERE AM I? Do they know how I feel? DO I EXIST?"
Terror! The darkness wraps around in all dimensions. The silence even starts permeating into your thoughts. You close your eyes and suddenly you can see. An image. One which you have loved. You cling onto the image. But it is fading fast. You open your eyes and get drenched in a wave of darkness. Again you close your eyes and try hard to conjure back the image. It comes back but you can hardly recognize it now. The darkness eating into it. The silence drowning out whatever its trying to say to you. You desperately embrace the image - your only companion, your only hope and your only meaning of existence. But ultimately it vanishes.
You are dead.


Smart Primate said...

This was cheerful...

Moupiya said...
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Anonymous said...

cogito ergo sum...go translate in google if you don't know it's meaning already...subhroneel